Situated in the heart of Veneto, agritourism “Villa Bolzonello” enables you to make short trips to enjoy some of the most suggestive sites of the province of Treviso. A few steps away you can find the sanctuary of Madonna Della Rocca or the astonishing Villa Barbaro by Palladio. About ten kilometers away it is possible to visit the Canova’s Gypsotheca and Asolo, a Medieval village where queen Cornaro stayed. About fifty kilometers away it is possible to visit some of the most beautiful cities, such as Venice, Padua and Belluno, which are conveniently connected to the nearby railway station. Montello and Monte Grappa are also close and, thanks to the great historical route, they offer a real open-air museum, reaching the most significant First World War sites.

VENICE - 70 Km

Queen of the Adriatic, has been the capital of the Most Serene Republic for more than a millennium.

PADUA - 60 Km

City of great artistic and cultural traditions, Padua boasts famous monuments of great historic and artistic interest.


Treviso is a city you can visit in all seasons, at a slow pace it is possible to savor each corner, to discover original glimpses, to breathe the calm city life.


Its magic geographical position, surrounded by hills and blessed with a mild climate, enables the traveler to lose himself in the fascination of this small Medieval town, whose symbol is the Ponte


Valdobbiadene, whose history dates back to even forty thousand years ago, rises in a territory that is famous all over the world for the production of wine Prosecco.


Possagno is the homeland of the greatest neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova. The towering sculptor left his great artistic heritage in his birthplace and, alongside, in the majestic Gypsotheca. Built in 1836, it collects almost all the original models of his sculptures, the terracotta sketches, the drawings, the paintings.


On the top of it sits the Ossuary-Monument to the victims of the great tragedy of the Great War, “Europe’s War”, then First World War. A moving place, located in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, of exquisite rationalist architecture, simple and fascinating, also to a photographer’s eye.

ASOLO - 11 Km

Asolo is rich in charm, which has always attracted a large number of writers, artists and poets. It is part of the club I Borghi più belli d’Italia (an association of small Italian villages of historical interest) and it represents one of the most suggestive town centers in Italy overall.